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Baked Texture Cooking

Hi, I hope everyone is well and the inspiration is flowing.

My Baked Textures arrived and I was itching to experiment with them. They had taken a while to arrive in the UK due to the amount of orders that had been placed with Emerald Creek. Sue made sure that the customers who had preordered them were going to receive them as quickly as possible and I've seen a few pieces on Facebook already.

I used greyboard and Versamark to emboss on as I wanted to be able to see what they were like before using on a project. They took a little longer than on paper or lighter weight card but well worth the longer heating time. Also, I heated from the reverse to start so the crystals didn't blow away.
I've taken three photos in different light to try and show off the colours to their best.

The one thing that the photos don't show is how tactile they are. I used the ALL&Create stamps for the centre squares and the Beeswax powder shows them really well. The new ALL&Create stamps…

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